Emerging Technologies

Final Exam

For your final exam, you need to create a project using one of the programs we have learned in the class. You may use Google Docs, Aviary Phoenix, Aviary Myna, Prezi, or WeVideo. Because you have the option of choosing from so many programs, there are no specific requirements. HOWEVER, you must demonstrate a mastery level of competency for the program(s) you have chosen. A complete understanding of the elements and processes involved in using the programs must be evident. Formatting, editing, importing, exporting, sharing, etc. are all elements that will be graded. Below you will find the options you have. If you have questions, please

Google Docs: If you choose to use Google Docs, you must use two of the programs (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, form). Share these documents with your instructor.

Aviary Phoenix: You must complete two tutorials in the intermediate or advanced levels. In order to receive credit, you must upload them to your website on their own page. The original pictures that you use for your editing must be included along with your editing pictures. The link to the tutorial site must also be included.

Aviary Myna: You must complete a 30-60 seconds commercial for a product/service of your choice. In the commercial you must include music, your voice narration, sound effects (i.e. fades in/out, pitch, reverb, etc), etc. When you are finished, embed the sound file onto its own page of your website.

Prezi: You must complete a 7-slide presentation on any topic you want. Your presentation must contain pictures with every slide, complete and thorough text for each slide, a you tube video, varying slide transition effects, and creativity! Share the link with your instructor via email.

WeVideo: Create a 30-second video with music, your voice narration, video recording, effects, etc. Share the video with your instructor via email.

When you are finished with your final exam, please send your instructor an email describing what program(s) you used and how your finished product was shared.