College Search
Finding the right college can be a complicated and confusing process. Students who have chosen a major or program can begin by looking for schools that are well-known for that field of study. But, students must also consider what type of setting will be comfortable for them, what they can afford, and what else the school has to offer before they make a final decision. Hopefully, the following information and links will make this process of discovery a little easier.
Schools and Programs
Read more about specific schools and the programs that they offer by clicking on the Schools and Programs link above.
Visiting College Campuses
College admissions officials strongly urge students to visit the colleges that they are considering attending. This will help students choose a school that is the best fit for them, both academically and socially. Juniors and seniors at DHS have the opportunity to take one day during the school year (seniors in the fall, juniors in the spring) to visit colleges. The absence will be excused as a school activity if the student completes the first section of the College Visit Form and shows it to Mrs. Holmstadt in the high school office prior to the visit. The student must then take the form on the visit and have the second section signed by an admissions official. (Self-guided tours or tours by friends/siblings are not sufficient to be considered an excused school activity.) Upon return to school, the form should be taken to the office. Students will be responsible for making up any work assigned during their absence. Forms are available in the guidance office or can be printed by clicking on the Visiting College Campuses link above. Campus visits can be arranged by contacting the admissions office at the college. Check websites for details.
Applying to College
Most colleges have an online application process. Go to the college's website, look for the section on how to apply and follow directions. Keep in mind that admission application essay answers not only influence the likelihood of admission, but are often used to award scholarships as well. For tips on writing good essays, click on Applying to College above and follow the link.