Module 3 - What is Fair Use and How Does It Affect Me?

What is creative work? How can I use information I find from the Internet? As students work to complete projects and assignments in various classes, students use information from the Internet to provide the foundation of their premise. Many times, students find it easy to just copy and paste, but is that legal? fair? appropriate? Students will learn what the fair use doctrine is and how it applies to students in an educational setting. In addition, students will have a basic foundation of understanding  related to copyright, the intent of the original creator, and the process for deciding how and when to use creative work of others.

By the end of the Module 3, students will:

  • Identify the legal and ethical considerations involved in using the creative work of others
  • Understand an individual’s rights and responsibilities as a creator and consumer of content
  • Practice critical thinking and ethical decision making about the use of creative works

*Note: activities in this module have been adapted from