Tech Tips

Please enjoy browsing through the tech tips to assist you with questions or issues. Please feel free to submit via email any questions you might have and I will include them on a future entry as a tech tip. Keep checking as my goal is to enter a new tech tip weekly.


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Tech Tip #1-Copy and Paste Made Easy
This will assist you at home and school to copy and paste text or pictures. Please make sure you are aware of any copyright issues that may be associated with copy and pasting any materials you are using. Enjoy!
Tech Tip #2-How to Alphabetize the Program Menu
After adding programs onto your computer the program menu seems to get very unorganized. This will help you to alphabetize them so they are easy to locate.
Tech Tip #3-Short Cut Keys in Microsoft Word #1
These are some handy shortcut keys for you to try out and use with Microsoft Word. They may save you some time when you are making a document. Enjoy!
Tech Tip #4-More Short Cut Keys #2
To add to the last tech tip of shortcuts here are a few more. Hope they help make Microsoft Word more user friendly for you. : )
How Do I Display Special Characters
Many key combinations will give you some special characters to use in documents. Here are the directions on how to do this.